Was James Wilkie Broderick the first celebrity offspring of his generation to have a really prominent middle name? When she posts about him, I hear his name in my head as “James Wilkie” not just “James.” Also, some may remember his birth was a huge deal (SATC was still on) and Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick did debut photos outside of the hospital, like a royal baby. (This photo seems like yesterday!)


Soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo (forgot his first name and had to Google it) has four kids, including a set of twins. And he and his partner are now expecting another set of twins, which is a total of six. Two sets of twins. (Like Roger Federer!) 


A new Gucci poster has dropped with maximalist glamour and they really leaned into Lady Gaga’s name. I looked up the poster for A Star is Born and she also goes by Lady Gaga there (although when they first announced the casting for that film, she was referred to as Stefani). So she’s definitely not doing Lady Gaga/Stefani Germanotta, like some musician/actors do, but when you have “Academy Award winner” attached to your stage name, it’s a flex. (A new trailer has also dropped and Sarah will be covering it tomorrow.)

Let’s take a close look at Kate Hudson’s crochet cardigan because maybe it’s not a cardigan but actually this Alice + Olivia robe? It’s a unique print that’s popped up a lot this year, like Olivia Rodrigo’s Variety cover. 


Succession has been renewed for season four, which surprises no one. This show won’t end until Jesse Armstrong decides it will end and I’m guessing five seasons.

Phil Dunster looks so different without Jamie Tartt’s haircut. And the ICON hat. 


Architectural Digest’s celebrity videos are a prestige piece for the ultra-filtered Instagram era, unlike the unscripted and sometimes-weird episodes of Cribs, when celebs would show off their homes that weren’t so tightly designed by professionals. No one ever jumps on the bed and says “this is where the magic happens” on the AD videos.