There’s Man Caves (gross) and She Sheds (a Pinterest-driven nightmare) that have reductive gender stereotypes, like football and tea cups, tied up into the idea of domestic relaxation. But what if the next trend is adult treehouses? This could be decent.  


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Everyone in the comments is screaming poutine, but poutine is cheese curds and gravy. She could be enjoying fries with just gravy, minus the cheese (my preferred version). 


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My limited Avengers knowledge makes me think that Bucky Barnes is Marvel’s version of Robin. But hot.


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Celebrity book clubs are like liquor brands – popping up everywhere. Would you take Natalie Portman’s recommendation? I would, though I think Trick Mirror is a must-read on every list. Anyway, remember when serious writer man Jonathan Safran Foer left his wife after emailing with Natalie? And then Natalie was like… nah.   


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Nick Kroll has a bit on beagles, but I don’t know if Lainey would approve.


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The entire Pastor Posse made it to Justin’s wedding, as expected. Most of these guys are married and have children, and this was a destination wedding. From an invite perspective does that mean kids or no kids? For regular people, it might mean no kids, just for ease of planning and space. But when you can rent extra rooms and hire childcare and keep it all one resort, with no transportation worries, it makes sense they would include the children, particularly considering how much time he spends with them all. As for who they got to actually officiate the wedding, some reports have it as Carl Lentz. I would have guessed Judah Smith.


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