It’s true – this works for so many stories. If only Romeo & Juliet had cell reception.

Because he’s a man of taste and distinction, Lin-Manuel Miranda loves The Good Place.

Kid Rock confirmed he is not running for political office. I think he decided against it because eventually he would be compelled to take his hat off.

Brooklyn and Chloe are fully on again.


Cheers for the photos babe ❤️

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For Halloween, I prefer to watch TV shows that did it right (like Roseanne and The Office) over scary movies. Mostly because I’m chickensh-t, but also because the costumes were amazing. And the potential for meta costume ideas is amazing too – look at the group below.


Michael: 'I love you' Jan: 'Ok.' 😂Reminiscing on good times from #TheOffice

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The Office.

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Public proposals can be painful to watch, especially if they require a jumbotron. But when the receiver of the proposal is this into it, it’s not so cheesy, right? Or am I just dazzled by Cardi B.?

Is the Downton Abbey movie still in the works? It seems like six seasons was a long enough time to tell the stories they wanted to tell.

You would think Instagram’s Truman Capote would have been all over Casamigos Halloween party this weekend. Nope, too basic. Instead, he hit the Met party with Dasha Zhukova and then helped chaperone a Seinfeld party. The social capital he acquires is so much more valuable than a night at a crowded party where everyone is trying to have their photo taken.


The Marc Antony who didn't marry J Lo. (Google it, kids.) Ps. The cropping is intentional.

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