Have you felt a great disturbance in the Force? It’s because Steve Harvey shaved his moustache.


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Rocket is Pharrell and Helen’s oldest child (they also have triplets). Pharrell has a really tight relationship with Chanel and, by extension, Karl Lagerfeld. Surprisingly, Karl likes working with children like his godchild Hudson, a mini muse. How long until Rocket makes his runway debut? Or has Karl already approached the Williams' and been declined because Pharrell and Helen aren’t thirsty like that. 


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Nicki Minaj is now feuding with Steve Madden (you can read the breakdown here, which is updated to include this morning’s tweets from Iggy Azalea and 50 Cent). Whew.This is not the first time Nicki has feuded with a shoe company – last year I wrote about her issues with Giuseppe Zanotti and came down firmly on Nicki’s side. At the time, I wrote: “Nicki brings up a larger issue that is constantly at play – many artists and brands regularly appropriate/steal/copy black artists and when they are called out, will immediately become defensive or they ignore the issue altogether.” I think that same problem applies here. Steve Madden, a publicly traded company, took to its official Twitter account to call Nicki a liar, which is an interesting tone for a brand to take. We can only assume that behind it is Steve Madden the person, a convicted criminal who spent time in federal prison for stock manipulation and fraud and continues to be a design executive at the company. No one was asking him or the company to scold or tone police this feud. Stay in your lane of affordable designer knock-offs, Steve.  


Are you caught up on the latest Lena Dunham sh-tstorm? Do you want to be? Well here we go: Lena has been hired by Steven Spielberg and JJ Abrams to adapt the book, A Hope More Powerful Than the Sea by Melissa Fleming, which tells the story of Doaa al-Zamel, a Syrian refugee who survived a nightmarish journey to safety. The criticism being levelled should be obvious. Why is Lena Dunham adapting a story about a refugee? Steven and JJ haven’t weighed in because this won’t touch them – they are far enough removed (and not active on social media). But who thinks this is a good fit? The author Melissa is excited about it and Lena is excited about it, but will anyone want to watch this story told this way? Instead of amplifying Lena’s voice, which happens enough, let’s hear from Syrians who have reservations about this project.




Even the worst vocalists get a pass in the car. It’s a safe space for singing off-key. But Barbra doesn’t sing off-key, ever. How is it physically possible to not sing aloud in the car, ever? Is it the acoustics? I need to know why. 


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Narcos is coming back in mid-November, this time focusing on Mexico and starring Diego Luna, who would have been the Internet’s boyfriend if that had been a thing when Y Tu Mamá También came out. I would consider him a legacy bae now. 


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