Victoria Beckham is on the cover of Vogue France and I love the brown jacket (is it suede?), it’s very fall. There’s a rumour that Taylor and Travis will go as Posh and Becks and they would not be the only ones – Edward Norton and his wife Shauna Robertson went as them to Casamigos party. If Brooklyn and Nicola had a sense of humour, this would be their costume this year. But so far, they have not had a sense of humour about anything.


Like Lainey, I’m a Halloween Grinch and I’ve never watched Hocus Pocus. It’s not that I don’t like seeing other people’s costumes or the decorated houses (I appreciate the spirit!), but it’s the morning rush. Costumes, bake sale, class treats – it takes me more than twice the normal amount of time to get out the door and I’m not a morning person. I think the best Halloween costumes are babies that are just old enough to hold themselves up, like Kaley Cuoco’s daughter Matilda. Five costume changes! 


Is Kim Kardashian part of SAG now that she’s been in a Ryan Murphy production?


Drew Barrymore stuck to the rules (this time) and went as Bob Ross. As Lainey has mentioned, costumes are a whole thing for TV hosts and this looks like it took effort, especially for hair and makeup teams.


Ariana Grande re-enacted a whole scene from Showgirls. I’m going to need Sarah to explain these SAG rules to me because I’m very confused!


I follow Gabrielle Union on Instagram but hadn’t clocked the potential marriage issues until I read Stephanie’s piece yesterday and now I’m like the side eye emoji – watching! Gabrielle is pretty tuned into her social media image so I’m sure she is aware of the chatter, which means what she posts is with purpose. Also: Kaavia James as Beyonce!


Yesterday Lainey wrote about Leo’s lazy Halloween costume – he often just wears a mask. He’s there for the party, not the costumes. I’m kind of curious about the photos of him and Vittoria Ceretti on the balcony because it seems like she was looking directly at the camera. It’s hard for paps to get on the grounds of the Chateau Marmont, it’s a private venue so I wonder how these photos came to be. The pictures are quite clear and the photo agency is listed so it wasn’t another guest. We know Leo didn’t sanction it in this specific situation because he went right inside and there’s no benefit to him. Could it be Vittoria? Leo has never had a thirsty girlfriend (probably because of NDAs) but there’s always a feeling that his relationships are temporary. As much as he doesn’t want to claim a partner, they don’t seem to want to claim him either. All these years, all these models, and not ONE rogue date has spilled. It could be for legal reasons but it could also be that there’s not much to talk about? 

Attached - Victoria Beckham out in Miami the other day.