Note: At the time of writing, Instagram is down so this will be an all-Twitter edition of celebrity social media, led by Kiernan Shipka.


Last week, a reader wrote in to correct my take on Princess Mako, who is set to wed a commoner (Kei Komuro) and leave the royal household. I wrote that her fiance’s mother received a loan or gift (which is causing a huge dispute) for his education and I assumed the loan had come from Princess Mako, because why else would she be getting so much sh-t about it? That was incorrect – the loan or gift came from Kei’s mother’s former fiancé. Now I’m curious about how this is a scandal seeing as it has nothing to do with her directly and she’s talking a lot of heat in the press. Are they giving her the Daily Mail treatment? I need someone very versed in this drama to catch me up. 


It’s “celebrities telling on themselves” season (see: Matt Damon), the newest one being Ellen Pompeo. She took to her podcast to brag about throwing down with Denzel Washington when he directed an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. If you think the headline is bonkers, I promise you the context is even more wild – he was brought in to raise her spirits after Patrick Dempsey left and she not only got into it with him (“Listen motherf-cker, this is my show. This is my set. Who are you telling?”) but she then tattled to his wife Pauletta when she visited set. Like what???? I think Ellen thought she sounded tough and girlbossy but she came off looking petulant, bratty, and highly Caucasian. Interesting that out of all the things that she and Patrick Dempsey could talk about, she chose to try throwing her weight around when it comes to one of the most respected and beloved people in the industry. She tried to come off as formidable and now is a Twitter punchline.


This week is the series finale of Ted Lasso, a highly debated sophomore season. I am not going to get that deep with it except to say…Roy f-cing Kent. To quote another British icon, “Well let’s face it, a bit of a crush now actually.”


In more TV news, Billions tied up its fifth season yesterday (pretty lackluster) and immediately afterwards released a teaser for season six and dropped a big announcement in The Hollywood Reporter. It’s not a surprise that Damian Lewis is leaving as his wife, the incredible Helen McCroy, passed away recently and they have two teen children. 


Lindsay Lohan is still mucking around with NFTs and is launching a podcast. As with all her projects, it’s not the launch that’s the issue, but the consistent work that needs to continue after that. That’s where her many attempted comebacks falter.