Gisele is promoting her new book, Lessons: My Path to a Meaningful Life, and a lot of the stories being picked up by outlets center around her life with Tom Brady. But we know before Tom, there was Leo. She is the supermodel who set the standard in his romantic life, which probably explains why he could never settle down with just any Victoria’s Secret model. In an excerpt in Vogue Australia, there’s a passage about how she began to focus on her health by cutting out frappuccinos and cigarettes. She cut out Leo shortly thereafter


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Hilary Swank pretending to DJ at a department store event to promote her really overpriced athleisure line is mildly embarrassing. My favourite part is the totally uninterested shoppers coming up the escalator in the background. 


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Is Andy Roddick more famous than Brooklyn Decker? Even if he is, he has nothing to do with her business so why include him in the headline and frame Brooklyn as “just” his wife. Someone in the comments pointed out that Cash Warren’s sock line is usually attached to a “Jessica Alba’s husband” qualifiers, and that’s true, but Cash Warren has never been in the public eye. Brooklyn has been on the cover of Sports Illustrated. If Andy is much more famous than her in the UK, the editor could have split the difference and put her name in the headline and Andy’s in the dek.


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I finished Insecure this week, then I read Angelica Jade Bastién’s recap in Vulture, which captures how entertaining and frustrating this show can be


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We are heading into a long weekend in Canada, so here’s a shirtless Riz Ahmed in the studio. 


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