The “don’t make eye contact” celebrity rule is the unexpected comeback of 2020. I call it a comeback because it seems so dated, doesn’t it? Especially in the era of smartphones, when there’s a constant sense of being watched. Part of the reason the concept made a comeback is because of pop culture Instagram account Deux Moi, which specializes in random celebrity encounters and gossip, with tons of “don’t make eye contact” stories about every celebrity you can think of. Jessica Alba recently made headlines because she said that, as an unknown guest star on Beverly Hills 90210 (the OG one), she was told not to make eye contact with the cast. Do I think she was told that? Yes, but I don’t know if it always comes from the celebrities themselves, I think sometimes it’s a blanket rule rolled out by overprotective publicists or PAs. Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling talked about it and said they don’t recall that rule. It’s interesting that it was Jessica Alba who brought it up because in the early days of her TV fame, she had a reputation for being pretty prickly to work with too. 


Oscar Ramsay looks like he wants to call someone an idiot sandwich. 

OK so now Blake Lively wants to acknowledge Gossip Girl? She spent years basically ignoring that whole era of her career. Do you think it’s because she’ll cameo on the reboot, which has been moved to HBO Max? I do. 

As if everyone isn’t thirsty enough over Channing Tatum, now he has a puppy. Last week Lainey wrote a Gossip Genie list and it was filled with good options. I’d also like to add Halsey to the discussion. 


Emme Muñiz has performed at the Super Bowl and has a new book out – yes, she’s 12. She is doing the interview rounds and the question came up about performing at her mom’s wedding and what song she has in mind. This means a big wedding for JLo and ARod is still in the cards because if they wanted something small and intimate, they would have already pulled it off. I think, when it’s safe to do so, a splashy A-list wedding would be great morale boost. A celebration (like Niecy Nash’s wedding) does wonders for our collective mood. 

Rita Ora is back to dressing up and going out. Where she is going I don’t know. I never know.