This a novel and polarizing idea. I’m a hard no, mainly because by the time I’m waiting in a call centre queue, I’ve already exhausted all the automated and live chat services and my problem has not been solved so I’m frustrated. I don’t think that makes for ideal circumstances for a chat with strangers.

Justin Bieber is reportedly dating Paola Paulin (he’s brought her to church, because that is how JB dates now). I enjoy the descriptive stretching tabloids have to do when a celebrity starts dating a person who is not famous but perhaps wants to be. Reports describe her as an actress on Ballers – all I could find was 2 episodes form 2015.

Maybe she loves Wifi on planes because Leo was supposed to pick her up from the airport and instead she saw these photos? (Just kidding: AS IF Leo would pick up a non-bonafide at the airport.)


gotta love wifi on planes ... 😏

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They are celebrating the 100th song. Not the 100th episode, but the 100th song. If I had to narrow it down, I’d pick “I Give Good Parent” as my favourite. Wait, maybe “I Love My Daughter” Or “Where’s the Bathroom”. There are too many great ones. But if you need another reason to love Rachel Bloom, do you remember that photo of Anna Chlumsky reacting to Sean Spicer at the Emmys? Look behind her for Rachel Bloom’s reaction. Not having it for one single second.