Justin Bieber is embracing his inner Wife Guy and I don’t mind it one bit. 


Last night, there was a mix-up on Dancing With the Stars and Tyra Banks read out the wrong names on live TV, which has happened before on an international stage (Steve Harvey can relate). Also, of course, the Oscars, when Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty announced La La Land as the Best Picture winner when it was Moonlight. Remember how he wouldn’t let go of the envelope after? (It’s all in this oral history from The Hollywood Reporter.) These moments are painful for the person making the mistake and for those who were the real winners and no one will forget, not the presenters, the participants, or the audience. But I think this, with all the headlines, will lead to an uptick in ratings for the show. 

The Seinfelds were on 60 Minutes promoting Jerry’s new book. I mentioned last week that there seems to be a social media freeze between Jessica and Gwyneth Paltrow and again, no likes or comments from GP. Not even for 60 Minutes. 


I’ve written about Kelly Clarkson’s divorce and questioned what would happen with her management team going forward (her soon-to-be ex, Brandon is her manager). Apparently, it’s a problem. Brandon’s dad Narvel Blackstock (who was married to Reba McEntire) owns a company called Starstruck, which is suing her for unpaid commission from a handshake deal that was made 13 years ago. So over 13 years, no one thought to put this verbal agreement down on paper? Is that industry standard for managers? Also interesting is that the story was broken by The Blast and not TMZ, which usually has a lock on these legal stories. This could be run-of-the-mill business stuff but no doubt that your father-in-law suing you as you are going through divorce and custody proceedings is a stressor. Kelly Clarkson is really going through it. 

Katie took a break from her pap walks to read a book. She may be dickmatized during a pandemic but she does not have inlectio.