Alec Baldwin posted this photo on Instagram and asked his followers for help identifying the model and Leslie Jordan (who the New Yorker called “the ideal quarantine companion”) commented, “The model that belongs on Leslie Jordan’s wrist” which will crack me up for days. 


Why did I watch the Hubie Halloween trailer? And why am I quite sure that at some point this weekend I will watch this movie? It’s like I have total control over my actions and yet, in the face of a bad Adam Sandler movie on Netflix, I am powerless.

Today I wrote a follow-up on The Rock’s Biden/Harris endorsement, mentioning that Chris Pratt is one of the few celebrities who avoids politics. Last week, he posted about voting for one of his movies and in doing so, poked fun at celebrity voter initiatives. Many families have different views but Chris married into a political family – his father-in-law is a former governor and his mother-in-law grew up in a political dynasty. I wonder how they feel about Chris’s stance – not on his politics, but on his non-politics. Katherine Schwarzenegger has made her views pretty clear. “Trash” is probably as close to cursing as she gets. This is her “f-ck you mother-cker.”


I’ve never watched Vampire Diaries but I know a lot of you did and are still interested in the cast so you definitely need to see this. 


V Magazine released a series of vote covers with Taylor Swift, Mariah Carey, Janelle Monae, Jennifer Lawrence, Halsey, Jaden Smith, Chris Evans and Janaya Future Khan (International Ambassador for Black Lives Matter and co-founder of BLM Toronto), amongst others. How many calls do you think it took to arrange these covers? I would guess, because of the topic, not many. This is something that is an easy yes. 

“Hi Judas. How’s the wine?”