Every fall is #megryanfall. No one holds a single pumpkin like Meg. 


This Jeremy Renner post reminded me a of a simpler time, mainly because who still falls for these scams? A celebrity sliding into the DMs isn’t unheard of, but an Avenger doesn’t need a loan. And there’s another layer to this because, as we recall, Jeremy had a major snafu with his app that descended into accusations of point cheating and a fandom civil war. 


I’ve mentioned Brooklyn Beckham’s cooking videos on Instagram because I suspected he would turn it into paid hobby, and his first segment on The Today Show confirms my suspicion. But this is curious – he hasn’t posted the clip, and neither has his fiancé Nicola or his parents (who are typically very supportive). This might be about hurt feelings as the comments on this post are mostly “why is this guy making a breakfast sandwich on my TV”, and it’s kind of sloppy as the clip that plays is… Dave Grohl. I’m always down for some Dave Grohl who, in terms of merit and accomplishment, is pretty far from Brooklyn Beckham. 

In more food news, celebrity chef Bobby Flay has reportedly parted ways with The Food Network, which is kind of like Oscar the Grouch breaking up with Sesame Street. But, reading the exclusive story in Variety by Cynthia Littleton, there might be some negotiation mind games at play here. If he does leave, he could move to HBOMax or Netflix as both streamers pick up a lot of food content centered around celebrities. Most of the programing is pretty weak, but they have the budget. 


Every night this week, there’s been a Daniel Craig Bond movie on the telly (that’s me pretending to be British) and I’ve watched them because before this, I hadn’t seen a Bond movie since Pierce Brosnan. I understand the appeal, I really do. And I will make it to the theatre to watch the new one because of Daniel Craig, but also because of Ana de Armas. Great casting choice. 


Gwyneth Paltrow is appearing on WWHL and we know Andy Cohen is not afraid to get messy. What would you ask GP if given one question? I would like to think it would be something intellectual but the real question I want asked is: what happened with Winona? Or, what happened with Madonna? Both would be juicy, in different ways. Also, sometimes he has celebrities state their Housewives tagline. I’m not good at writing these, but here’s my crack at it: “Some women stop and smell the roses, but I prefer my vagina candle.”