In the US, several celebrities have joined voter registration initiatives. Encouraging voting is a non-partisan act, even though it’s not always received that way. This is Jennifer Lopez and Salma Hayek joining the pinky promise to #VoteLikeAMadre for a candidate who respects the science of climate change. 


Samuel L. Jackson and Jennifer Lewis also have a message that starts with, “All you motherf-ckers who just turned 18” – that is how you get the attention of teens. They should put this on TikTok.

Romeo Beckham is 18 and the tallest of all the Beckham boys, including his Dad. If you follow the family (and um, we know I do – embarrassingly so), this has been a hot debate all summer. What will adulthood bring for Romeo? He was an avid tennis player but apparently he’s cooled on it as his parents replaced the estate’s tennis court with a football pitch. He must be really over it as both of his parents posted slideshows with tons of photos, none of which show him playing tennis. But he is back to playing soccer with his dad – could he be going to Miami? He’s hinted at it in an Instagram story.


Minka Kelly, who is dating Trevor Noah was not in this FNL video to get out the vote but you know who was? I don’t even want to spoil it for you but she’s registered. She keeps the form in her pocketbook.

Is it bad to say I hate unicorns? I know they aren’t real but still they annoy me. That aside, Channing Tatum activated Daddy and Zaddy social media with this yesterday. He checked all the boxes for a cross-section of people.


Jerry Falwell Jr. is under investigation from his former workplace, not because he allegedly liked to watch the pool boy play Marco Polo with his wife (that’s his business) but because he had access to university money. The reason some of us are enjoying the downfall of someone like Jerry Falwell Jr. is because it’s highly predictable (the homophobic and misogynistic pastor with a secret sex life) and because he actively worked to discriminate against and shame millions of people while hiding behind his position of power. It is not hard to believe that a person like that would maybe help himself to a few bucks here and there. In-ground pools aren’t cheap.