Bella Hadid is co-launching a new non-alcoholic beverage called Kin Euphorics. It has “mood boosting” drinks with adaptogens (herbal ingredients). There are two things I think work for this: it is non-alcoholic (there are a lot of celebrity booze brands right now) and it is not a CBD drink (a very played-out ingredient that I don’t think people pay attention to anymore in terms of marketing). 


You know who I’d like to see at the Met Gala? Lily Allen and David Harbour. 


Ciara and Vanessa Bryant attended the Dolce & Gabbana show in Venice, documenting their looks and having a girls’ weekend. Ciara has been by Vanessa’s side and so to see them take a weekend to ball out and have fun is really sweet. 


The just-announced movie Reunion is about a group of former classmates who get stuck in a house during a snowstorm and one person ends up… dead. (Lainey: old people like me will remember The Big Chill here.) It’s a comedy. This is exactly the kind of mid-budget movie people who aren’t into superhero IP/reboots/prequels/Oscar bait say isn’t made anymore, so I’m curious as to where it ends up in terms of distribution. Even if it turns out to be not great, it’s a good premise with hot and funny people. Sometimes that’s enough.

Stephen Amell was on a podcast and talked about being removed from a flight. At the time the story broke, he came out wrong and strong on his Twitter with, in my opinion, a condescending statement about a “slow news day.” I wouldn’t have even heard about the story if he hadn’t brought it up himself. In the podcast, he talks about getting drunk and messy and yelling at his wife. He f-cked up big time, as people do, and says he was an asshole in public. We’ve seen a lot of public assholes over the last couple of years (and worse, aggressive racists, conspiracy theorists, anti-vaxxers etc. over the last few months). Stephen’s transgression wasn’t on tape, which will help in terms of his public image. It’s not a video clip that can be played over again and again. 


He will move on from this but realizes if he took it a bit further, he could have faced more consequences. I hate a public shaming for the most part because I don’t think it works (in terms of changing behaviour) and is not good for anyone’s mental health, but what’s interesting about Stephen is I live in Vancouver and know a few people that worked on Arrow. I was not surprised by the airplane story. So maybe it will help him take stock in a larger way?

Twitter is going to have a lot to say about this!