Drake texted Heidi Klum and she didn’t text him back. Headlines are referring to this as ghosting but I don’t know if that’s the right term – don’t you have to know someone, at least a little bit, before you can be ghosted? What Heidi did is swipe left on the opportunity, and it doesn’t sound like she regrets it.


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Heidi was also on Ellen discussing her departure from Project Runway, and her move to Amazon to work on a fashion series. Stylist Brad Goreski is also working with Amazon. I use Amazon a lot, but I rarely buy clothes because their selection, merchandising and recommended list are sh-t. Can stylists and influencers change that? They have been trying to for years.


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I read this quote and thought “90s?” Because of her relationship with Dior, Jennifer Lawrence’s red carpet choices can feel stifled. But let’s look back to her first Oscars in 2011 – a red tank dress. Very Calvin Klein, very minimalist. It’s still one of my favourite looks on her (see it here)


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I listened to parts of the Nicki Minaj Queen Radio show yesterday. It was wild. I don’t even know what is going on. Cosmo has a recap of what she said here


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I would love to see what a stylist like Law Roach could do with Britney Spears. Take her instincts, like an animal print bikini and white boots, and tweak the elements. A busier, mixed print top and bottom and mod, patent leather boots by Louis Vuitton. Could you see it? Or would that make her less Britney? Her wardrobe, bandage dresses and platform flip-flops, is part of her charm. 


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I keep a running list of notes of people I want to include in this column every day and yesterday I came across this post and jotted down “Guy Ritchie is such a pretentious asshole.” Today is his birthday. I stand by my assessment.  


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