Since the British Vogue extravaganza, the Beckhams have slowed down on personal social media – it’s been mostly business. David has a new fragrance out – Inspired by Respect. What a stupid f-cking name for a cologne. What does that even mean? What does respect smell like? And who is supposed to be “inspired” by respect – David? The person wearing it? The person smelling it? I would pay money to watch David Beckham explain the name.


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Miranda Lambert has launched a clothing line with lots of fringe and statement tees. What I’m surprised about is the number of products she can offer at launch: cowboy boots, denim jackets, purses, belts, dresses, and skirts. It’s a lot for a new line. 


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Sam Smith takes a minute on tour to have a casual suspension bridge photo shoot. I want to know how he cleared the other people off. 


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I watched Like Father recently and usually this is the kind of movie I love: a familial rom-com. I really enjoy Kristen Bell as an actress (even if I occasionally find her insufferable as a celebrity). I’m a Frasier stan (it’s true). And I like Seth Rogen. I should have loved this movie. The storyline about Kristen’s job was nonsensical and used the lazy character shortcut of ambition (in women) as a sign of deep-seated issues. It was written and directed by Lauren Miller Rogen, which explains why Seth took a small, very odd part as Kristen’s not-quite love interest. They had no chemistry. 


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It’s interesting that the 50 Shades cast (including Charlie Hunnam, who never even stepped foot on set) seems to genuinely like and support Sam Taylor-Johnson. EL James constantly posts about the 50 Shades films on Instagram. Do you think she has Dakota’s phone number?


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I know we are supposed to be focused on Blake Lively’s pantsuit parade, but I’ve also noticed that Anna Kendrick has wearing a lot of mini dresses for A Simple Favor promo. Some of them are really good and it’s a nice change from gowns. Refreshing. 


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Is he going to propose on-stage at her final Vegas show? Too basic, or just the right amount of l-o-v-e?


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