In the words of Taylor Swift, “karma’s a relaxing thought.” So let’s think about Shakira. She had a big night last night and she’s riding a huge wave of goodwill (and has been popular for years). Shaki has 88 million followers, compared to her ex who has about 23 mill (give or take a few hundred thousand for both). His sidepiece-turned-girlfriend has 18k. A photo of Shakira getting ready has over a million likes. A photo of her on the red carpet has over 2 million. Gerard’s last photo? Around 200k likes. 


His girlfriend turns off comments and doesn’t show likes but again, because I’m petty, I did a manual scroll and it’s in the hundreds. Maybe. I suspect that her follower count has been inflated as well. And don’t say “oh maybe Gerard and what’s-her-name don’t care” because they care so much – that’s why they tried to rub it in Shakira’s face when the story hit and that’s why they stay posting on Instagram. They care. They are parched for attention while Shakira is shining. 


Cody wrote about Megan Thee Stallion and Justin Timberlake’s exchange at the VMAs and Megan has posted a TikTok. She is an expressive talker. If you’ve ever heard Meg speak, she has a very gentle speaking voice. And we know Justin doesn’t have a positive track record with women but there is no way in hell he’d get caught up with anyone backstage at the VMAs. Whatever you think of him, he’s not stupid enough to get into with anyone in that environment. 


Kevin Costner and his ex-wife are going back and forth over legal fees and it’s like, doesn’t the back-and-forth cost money, too? Everyone should pay their own bills and go their separate ways. But they’ve both dug in now. 


Can you imagine how many Goldfish crackers this family goes through in a week? It’s unfathomable. 

98 Degrees announcing a reunion just as *NSync appeared at the VMAs? Boysh-t alert!


I touched on this a few weeks back but there is a big Summer House split as power couple Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke called off their engagement (reportedly she was blindsided and it’s all on camera). Steph has covered this in detail here.  It was a destination wedding and guests were left in limbo with no official announcement. They have now been informed and the letter Carl sent to guests was leaked. So apparently, guests can’t get their deposits back at this point. If that was you, what would you do with the trip? I mean people book time off and spend a lot of time and money attending a destination wedding but as guests, you can’t really be mad they cancelled. If a refund is not an option, I think I’d ask for a credit and take the trip, but at a different time.