As Duana wrote yesterday, Amber Tamblyn’s “scorched earth” approach to James Woods has been very effective. And supported.

Meanwhile, James pretends not to care but he has sure been dropping a lot of names this week. (I had to read through James Woods’s Twitter to find all this, so I deserve a cookie or something.)
When asked about the top three living actors he replied:

On his start in acting (which involved Ben Affleck’s father, who was a stage manager).

Jeremy Renner for Best Actor:

On Rob Reiner:

Congratulations on Rebel’s lawsuit:

“My beloved Sharon.”

On Liam’s special set of skills:

And finally, the Baldwin brothers (or at least two of them).

A Dirty Rotten Scoundrels remake (of a remake) with Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson is filming – it was titled Nasty Women but it looks like they’ve nixed that. Female scam artists are hot right now, with Ocean’s Eight and the desperately needed Lupita/Rihanna collaboration in the works. And of course, the ultimate scammer, Joanne.

Someone mistook Freaks & Geeks-era Busy Philipps for Sarah Huckabee Sanders and… has anyone checked on Busy? Because she was understandably devastated.

Gwen Stefani is in Korea and this is an impressive meal. I love when people order for the table, but only if I trust them to choose enough dishes and variety. Here there’s proteins, greens and carbs in equal measure. Good choices.


Experiencing #southkorea ❤️ gx

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Diane Keaton thinks Joaquin Phoenix is a “soulful beauty.” It is a great photo of him, the best I’ve seen in a very long time.