We have a project to work on: the New York Times is ranking The New American Celebrity and this is our collective calling. Some categories include “Exceedingly Popular Academics Online” (ie: Roxanne Gay), Popstar Protesters, Internet-Famous Comedians, Soccer People That Basic Americas Know (David Beckham is a pioneer) and Brad Pitt, who gets his own category. That’s just a few – there’s many more niche groups to vote on, like Hamilton stars and Zoomy Boomers. Who’s up? Who’s down? This is going to be such a debate. (Speaking of Brad, the first shot of Fast Times at Ridgemont High live read is out – how debated was their positioning of Brad and Jen, not close to each other but not so far it looks purposeful.)


As far as film scenes go, you know a couple is in crisis if one is sitting up in bed reading a book and the other couple person is applying hand lotion. Then one person will turn off their lamp and turn over, which is a sign that a split is imminent. There’s a whole Instagram account dedicated to this ritual – Night Lotion. 

John Boyega has left his role as Global Ambassador for Jo Malone after he was replaced in a campaign he helped create. This is a very interesting intersection of lifestyle, celebrity, influencer culture and global markets because John Boyega, like every other celebrity who works with a brand, was chosen for his cultural capital. He worked with the brand on an award-winning campaign that is all about him – his family, his childhood, his passions, his dreams. To pluck him out and replace him without even a conversation was a misstep. A huge one. And for the reasons that probably drew them to John (social media reach, authenticity) are exactly the reasons why he wouldn’t let it stand. But WHY did they do it? I’m curious if the brand will address it. 


Drew Barrymore’s show has premiered with, of course, her Angels – Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz showed up on day one and Drew’s friends will continue to show up for her. Today’s episode is with Reese Witherspoon – I’m PVR’ing it for later. And she already has a signature colour – yellow – to light up the Empire State Building. It’s a very fun, very auspicious start.

It’s Mariah Carey unboxing day! And she’s wearing a gown and diamonds, living up to our expectations as always.