To prep this column, I keep a running list of celebrity names to remind me to go back to look at posts. Yesterday, I put Adam Carolla in my phone for what I think is the first time ever. Then I logged on this morning I saw that Lainey mentioned him in the intro so I figured she scooped me. But nope, the Adam Carolla tweet she is referring to (which I’m not linking to because it spreads false information) is different than the dumbass Adam Carolla tweet I’m going to link to. The one I’m focusing on is weeks old, but I still need to include it because the viewpoint is so… unique. You know what the problem is with MEN in AMERICA these days? Not enough hearty beef stew in August. Too many jingle jangle bracelets that they use to carry their reusable totes from the farmers market. Where do you think Adam stands on peas in stew? I’m pro, but then again I’m a woman, so what do I know, with my collection of bracelets cluttering my little brain. I’m not qualified to speak on the sacred masculine dish of beef and potatoes gently simmered on the stove for hours. 


OK, yesterday I f-cked up: Jerry from Cheer is not on Dancing With the Stars, but coach Monica is so I guess the story was about him congratulating her. Now I’m a little disappointed about that – how do we get Jerry on? I want Jerry to get that DWTS coin. (Thank you Kristyn!)

Nina Dobrev and Shaun White are now well past Instagram official. What is the word for being self-effacing for another person? I can’t think of it because it’s something very specific (like when someone calls their hot partner a ‘nerd’) so for now I will call it the Ryan Reynolds Birthday Wish. 


I didn’t think he would speak and then he spoke and I’m screaming. 

Today I will absolutely be making time for Miley Cyrus on Joe Rogan and so far the part that’s interesting me the most is that Miley ate fish. If you follow her, you know she was vegan for a long time and it was a big part of her lifestyle, so I’m interested in that change. It’s one of many she’s gone through but it clearly affected her pretty deeply. (NSFW swearing in the clip below.)


Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty has dropped at Sephora. Products are under US$30, the packaging is super cute and there’s a fund attached to the line that aims to raise $100 million over 10 years for mental health services. That’s a big commitment and indicates that she is building this company to last. 

The first day of fall in North America is September 22 if you follow a “calendar.” Spiritually, the first day of fall is when you see this photo.