Jennifer Aniston was on a podcast hosted by Will Arnett, Sean Hayes, and Jason Bateman (her long-time friend) and the part getting headlines is that she considered quitting acting because an “unprepared project” sucked the life out of her. It was within the last few years but before The Morning Show. It definitely wasn’t an Adam Sandler movie because she talks about how fun it is to work with him. The “unprepared” remark makes me think that it wasn’t about the role, but the director or producers. Any guesses? Mine is Dumplin’. For some reason that project didn’t connect, even though the source material is fantastic.


Julianne Hough and Brooks Laich started quarantine together, then split, and now are on vacation together in Idaho. Quite a journey, as the kids say.

You know Martha Stewart is going to get her light right. This is at her farm in Bedford and the kitchen is, as expected, expansive. There are double islands, a cappuccino counter, two dishwashers (a personal dream of mine), and a media wall. For a full breakdown (this is one of several kitchens she has at the property), this blog post lists many of the features. This hot b-tch lives well. 


Last week the Fug Girls referred to the Burberry show (the first under Riccardo Tisci) as the Kardashianization of the brand, but I see something else here. Riccardo has worked very closely with Beyoncé (she’s wore two of his Givenchy gowns to the Met Gala, including the night of the elevator fight – that dress should be in the Smithsonian). She was photographed with him for Vogue in 2015 and you know she doesn’t do that with just anybody. She was the first celebrity to wear his Burberry look and wore on of his pieces in Black Is King. She isn’t tied to anyone one fashion house or designer, but I think if she was, he would come the closest. 

This story has layers so please bear with me. Writer and podcaster Evan Ross Katz posted a photo montage of Sarah Paulson with the caption, “Sarah Paulson has THE range.” Kristen Chenoweth commented “Hmmm.” Sarah Paulson responded to Kristen with her own “hmmmm.” What is going on here?! And there’s more. Sarah Paulson was on Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, playing a character that was loosely based on Kristen Chenoweth (who dated the show’s creator and writer, Aaron Sorkin). The show premiered in 2006 so how long have these “hmmmm” comments been brewing? Over a decade! See, layers. (And I think we can all agree on who the villain in this is: Aaron Sorkin.)


“Who could have predicted this?” – tech bro proverb. 

We started with Dumplin’ so let’s end with Dolly Parton, who skipped right over pumpkin spice season into Christmas. If Dolly says put the tree up, we’re putting the tree up.