Back in August I wrote about Alicia Keys's upcoming lifestyle brand, which has now launched on social media. There are four pillars: Connection, Mind, Spirit, and Body and I’m so curious as to how she will build this out. It absolutely fits with everything we know about Alicia Keys as an artist (spiritual, authentic, supportive of other women, engaged in the broader world) and the name – Keys Soulcare – is such a good play on her name. 


Chloe Grace Moretz and Sarah Ramos as Mean Girls – um yes, please. (I’ve never noticed how much Chloe looks like Amanda Seyfried!) The only person they couldn’t tag is Rachel McAdams because she’s not on Instagram, but I do wonder if and when Lindsay will respond. She’s not one to let a Mean Girl reference pass by without someone kind of attention grab. 

Katie Holmes and her cuffing partner have been out and about in NYC and you know who he kind of reminds me of? Miranda Lambert’s husband. Will Katie and Emilio be married in a couple of months? 


I am very much looking forward to the day Diddy and Kim Porter’s daughters become pop stars. They look ready. 

OK I fell for the “link in bio” – it’s for voting, not a movie. Did you know there’s a small faction of people who think Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn are together (kind of like Robsten) – it’s not exactly logical. But it also makes me think she chose this scene on purpose, to get the most amount of clicks. (In late July, the Scandal cast did a virtual reunion for charity and they did say a movie could happen, but small chance.)

Kulture has her own Birkin, which means she’s old enough to have her own Instagram account. 


Kaavia James (who also has her own Instagram) is humouring her parents but isn’t going to act all excited about it. She will just barely tolerate it.

Ugh I feel for Kelly Clarkson having to talk about her divorce on her show. She didn’t say much (if she spills, it will be an epic divorce album) but said she didn’t see it coming, something I wondered about back in June. And there’s still the question of the professional relationship – does she find a new manager now?

Onto another divorce: Dr. Dre and Nicole Young. It is getting messy as hell, with allegations of abuse, emptied bank accounts, fraud – this looks like one of those divorces that will take years to settle. Their lawyers will be busy, of course, but you know who will probably play the biggest role in this? The accountants. Can you imagine trying to trace where all this money is going? (The photo below is from last year.)