The National Enquirer has long, strong ties to the family that currently occupies the White House so I’m sure Kathy Griffin selling her house is an easy target for them, but they are a little late with this one. Kathy has been talking about her struggle after the infamous photo for a very long time – she’s been very open about it. And she’s also talked, repeatedly, about how she buys her homes in cash because there’s too much volatility in the business. If she has $16 million to liquify she’s in a pretty good position. I don’t think she’s ever declared bankruptcy and certainly not six times over 18 years. 


Karlie Kloss appeared at a Joe Biden event (or that’s what reports have said – I couldn’t find the actual event online but didn’t dig too deep), which is of course complicated by her proximity to the Kushners. They spent Rosh Hashanah together in New Jersey (see photos here) and yesterday she posted this photo (I know voting is incredibly important but let’s be real – these boots are corny). My point is that Karlie has to navigate touchy political subjects in her family, as many people do, and I wonder if it’s fraught (big fights around the dinner table) or suppressed (polite chit-chat about the kids and the weather). As many people point out, she calls for voting but has the ear of the current president’s closest advisers – so why doesn’t she appeal to them? I understand the frustration, but I think that’s an overestimation of their relationship and her influence on them. To be as reviled as Jared and Ivanka are (by people on both sides) you have to operate on an island. I highly doubt they value her beyond what she can offer them (celebrity) and they have no use for that right now. So many people have these divides in their family; think of every frustrating conversation you’ve had with an uncle who believes everything he reads on Facebook or an aunt who thinks COVID is a hoax – those people are impossible to get through to. Now imagine they had immense power and money no one is changing the hearts and minds of Jared and Ivanka. (Except maybe Wendi Deng and she doesn’t give one single solitary f-ck about any of this.) I think Karlie’s strategy is to try to be effective in other ways.

The funny thing about this Diplo photo is that sometimes when an account posts about voting in the US election or COVID, Instagram adds an infographic for resources along the bottom and that’s what they did here. It’s quite a contrast. 


Yesterday Lainey wrote about the oral history to The Town and I’m so fascinated by Jeremy Renner not responding to the reporter (Blake Lively also didn’t respond but, uh, we know why). Jeremy follows Ben on Instagram (Ben only follows a few celebs, Jeremy is not one of them) so does that mean there is beef? I don’t know! Jeremy was very good in this movie and I’m so curious as to why he didn’t participate. I need an oral history on this oral history.


Goodfellas turned 30 this month and, unless I missed it, why didn’t we get a reunion? We know Martin Scorsese can use an iPad (he showed up to Brian DePalma’s birthday Zoom) and the lead actors are all still active and working and adore Marty. This feels like a missed opportunity. 

Oprah x Mariah – wow wow wow.