Yes, Debra Messing is missing something. A huge something. SNL is a cultural touchstone and hosts range from political figures to athletes to billionaire space cowboys to more traditionally famous people (like actors and singers). Kim Kardashian is coming off the most successful reality TV run in history and is a branding master. SNL is not above this, at all. And to insinuate that SNL is above Kim but wasn’t above Elon Musk or Lance Armstrong or Derek Jeter is such a major eye-roll. She’s famous. Get over it. (The droopy Will & Grace reboot would have killed to have a guest star like Kim to bump the ratings up.)


The big story on social media right now is a letter from Linda Evangelista detailing her trauma from a botched cosmetic surgery. She is now suing the company for obvious reasons: as a model, her physical shape is paramount to her career and she asserts that the procedure left her disfigured. This is the beginning of the story and I think much more will come out (she posted about the NYT about 6 months back, so maybe that is in the works?). One thing we shouldn’t and can’t be surprised about is that models get cosmetic procedures. Of course they do. Probably pretty cutting edge ones, too. Sleep and good nutrition and exercise and all of that are important but if we are talking about being at the top of one’s game at age 50 in an industry that values everyone looking like a teenager, I would bet that the stress about aging starts at 30, maybe even younger. 


What do you get when two very active D-listers with a direct line to US Weekly start dating? Well, a million stories about Jana Kramer and Jay Cutler, who are doing something or other together.

Adrien Brody was at the Met Gala with Georgina Chapman, founder of Marchesa and ex-wife of Harvey Weinstein. Anna Wintour has stuck by Georgina but I couldn’t find any other Marchesa dresses from the red carpet. Without Harvey to bully actresses into wearing them to movie premieres, how many people will be wearing Marchesa now that red carpets are back? 


I love how we collectively decide to ignore some TV reboots, like Dexter. So popular in its early days, a poor finish and now, for the second time around? Crickets. What will it take to make us care again?


Finn has been Amanda Seyfried’s ride-or-die for years and I’m so glad to see that even after two kids, she still made sure to give him the kind of birthday party he deserves. He’s as handsome as ever.