Gal Gadot is hosting SNL October 7. Ben Affleck will definitely show up, right? He’s going to be all over that set this year, wearing his stained t-shirts and charming everyone with his Boston accent.

I’ve seen the phrase “date night” come up a few times with different celebrity parents on Instagram. It’s a bit corny, no?

The Rock and his business partner (and ex-wife) Dany Garcia are launching an ad agency. They divorced in 2007 but continue to work together as Dany is credited with being the business behind the brand.

According to the Daily Mail (I know, I know), Katharine McPhee and her “on-again/off-again” boyfriend, Elyes Gabel are “on” right now. Which makes me think maybe Erin Foster was joking?


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I’ve gotten so many emails and Tweets about my post on Liam Gallagher. One person called him “Earl Grey Supernova.” I’m mad I didn’t think of it first. Another noted a tea-spiracy – apparently if you watch the entire video (which I can’t, because of geo-blocking), he’s actually drinking turmeric mixed with honey. Some said he should have his own reality show (specifically, a cooking show). Many wanted to clarify the meaning “our kid” as Mancunian slang: some said it meant older sibling, others contend it can mean a sibling of any age; and still others maintain that it can apply to close friends or siblings. One thing we can all agree on is that in this context, “our kid” is Noel. Because Liam can’t go 10 seconds without mentioning his brother. Let’s watch the video again! (I also want to point you to Lennon Gallagher, because it feels like Twitter discovered him this weekend. He turned 18 just last week.)