Don’t start none won’t be none.

Can you imagine an ad like this running now? The Spoiler Police would shut it down.

If you were at the Comedy Cellar last night I need to know, how was Madonna? I don’t expect her to do a set or anything (because stand-up comedy is not something you take up on a whim) but how did she seem? Was she loose?

I love Sophia’s jeans – they are Moussy (you can find them here). But at close to $500, not cheap. I just bought a pair of straight-leg Levi’s for a quarter of that price and I love them.

Newfoundland is very hot right now.

A story in two parts. (Nicki’s tweet is from 2012… Dameka responded yesterday).

Someone sarcastically asked what Gabrielle Union would be doing without Twitter. She had 20+ years of work experience to answer with.

Bucky with the bad hair (aka Sebastian Stan) posted a meme, then he posted a justification of the joke not being meant to minimize current events. I had a feeling he would delete so I screenshot it. Take a look. Does this make you like Sebastian Stan more or less?