I’ve been laying low on the Beckhams because after a summer like the one they just had, what’s there to worry about? Then David went to China on business, and it seemed like a long trip. I was expecting the rumours to percolate again, but now they are in Paris together. It’s like they know they should pre-empt my worry. Now let’s look at Eva Longoria’s very cute baby.


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The Good Place was on last night – it’s like they knew we would need them. And I won’t spoil it, but I think my favourite part was the first scene with Tahani. It was so motherforking perfect.


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This photo came up as I was scrolling and my first thought was, “Oh sh-t, what did Josh Brolin 
do?” False alarm, he just has to skip an event because of the impending birth of his child. But this is a slightly dramatic way to announce it. He cancelled himself without meaning to. 


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Cindy Crawford is in Paris, presumably to be with Kaia Gerber, who is walking in fashion week shows. She works a lot. 


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Frankie the Bonus Jonas is 18. OK so Nick is engaged to Priyanka Chopra and Joe is engaged to Sophie Turner, so what about Frankie? He should date Noah Cyrus, obviously. 


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This photo is a slightly dated (by social media standards) but after a hellish week for many, let’s just enjoy Sandra Oh’s adorable dad wearing red crocs. 


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