Last night at the “presidential” debate, Joe Biden spoke about his son’s addiction issues, but there was no follow-up question. Millions of people in the world have an addict in their life and love them and yet it’s such a taboo, shameful thing to talk about (especially for parents). This brings me to Dax Shephard, who last week disclosed he relapsed recently and had been abusing painkillers. To publicly admit that had to be so difficult for him but I think he brings a lot of nuance to the sober conversation, which is often framed as total abstinence or a lack of willpower, a paradigm that sets a lot of people up for failure. Sober celebrities are held to an even higher standard because it’s tied into their public image; when they slip it’s treated as a betrayal of the fanbase and as fodder for faux-empathetic, click-baity articles.


Rebel Wilson has gone Insta-official with her boyfriend Jacob Busch and I’m just going to say it: he gives me Max vibes (as in Demi Lovato’s ex). 

I’ve mentioned the anonymous gossip account Deux Moi on here before (you can also read about it in Paper) and there’s been a persistent rumour floating around that Tracee Ellis Ross and Harry Styles dated (!!!!!). Now nothing on this site is verified so take it with a boulder of salt because this could just be some gossip wishing. But if it were true, OMG, please let there be photographic evidence. The clothes alone would kill us. 


Megan Fox is in Machine Gun Kelly’s new video which means matching tattoos are next. And we know what usually comes after matching tattoos. 

The Rock’s life is getting the Everybody Hates Chris treatment at NBC with the newly announced Young Rock. It is based on his formative years in three different eras (childhood, high school, and university football) when The Rock was just a pebble (ugh, sorry). Usually when they cast older actors to play teens it’s super noticeable but in this case it completely fits. Also, it’s refreshing to see a cast made up of people who represent real families in the real world and not an Aryan Nation rally.