Did you see the LiLo dance challenge over the weekend? We can thank Busy Philipps and Kelly Oxford for starting a dance craze that… well, it’s over already. What happens to a beach club in Mykonos after Labour Day?


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An 18-wheeler full of Axe body spray caught on fire on a highway in Texas, causing the cans to explode. Scott Eastwood, the human personification of a truckload of Axe body spray, recently moved to Texas. Coincidence or conspiracy?


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What’s a “little more” than $60k in champagne. $65k? $70? I need hard numbers, Fat Joe. 

For some of us, today is the first day of school. Hogwarts starts promptly on September 1 every year. This year, Jude Law and Eddie Redmayne were at platform 9 ¾ to welcome new students. I know the adult cynic in me should think this is corny, I know it. But look how chuffed Jude looks! And how happy Eddie Redmayne is. I would totally, absolutely, go to King’s Cross on September 1. In a Hufflepuff sweater. (Yes I’m a Hufflepuff, which Lainey just loves to rag on me about.)

Remember when print existed and female romantic leads worked as magazine writers and editors? Not to box them in: they could also work in fashion, PR or event planning. 

I finally watched To All the Boys I've Loved Before. Adorable. Lara Jean is a style icon. And Noah Centineo – what can I say about him that hasn’t already been said? I was going to say his voice sounds exactly the same as Mark Ruffalo’s – exactly! – but I’m about a month too late on that. Twitter already figured it out.


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OK so a little while back I posted about Lil Xan (which in my old brain is short for Lil Anxiety) and Noah Cyrus because he gifted Billy Ray with a bong, and in the caption photo Lil Xan called Billy Ray “dad.” I thought he was being overfamiliar. And I had reason to worry about Noah and Lil Xan (again, short for anxiety) because they had the messiest online breakup. You can read the breakdown of it here, because I can’t recap all the mumbling – basically something about a hickey and a meme. And the accusation that Noah was using Lil Xan for legitimacy (?!?!?!?). Okkkkkkk. (Pictured: Noah with not Lil Xan.)


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