Maria’s back tomorrow so I’m subbing in and, well, we’re still talking about Beyoncé’s birthday and the holiday would not be complete without honouring the woman who made Beyoncé possible: Miss Tina. Miss Tina with the exclusives – a photo of B with her children:


Even Miss Tina calls Beyoncé the Queen. But you know who they all bow down to? THE BLUE IVY CARTER! Celebrities are just like us – this is the only person who can speak to Miss Tina and B like this. You can hear it at the end. 

Did you see what Offset wore to the B-Day show? She issued orders for people to wear silver, and he definitely wore silver – for B and Michael Jackson. Big points here because I don’t know how he didn’t overheat.  


This isn’t from the B-Day show but we didn’t have a chance to talk about it over the long weekend. It’s originally from Sarah Paulson’s IG – Pedro Pascal getting his whole life at one of the earlier LA shows. I’ll wait while you try to think of another celebrity who has this effect on celebrities. There is no one. 

Over in Venice, Sofia Coppola’s Priscilla received a seven-minute standing ovation with Priscilla Presley herself in attendance. I can’t wait to see this film and the timing of it still delights me because, as we know, we just finished an award season with Austin Butler in contention for playing Elvis. And now he’s Jacob Elordi, playing a different kind of Elvis, Elvis through the lens of Priscilla, a darker, more controversial, less sanitised Elvis. Still, it’s a lot of pressure, having to step into the role that was nominated for an Oscar played by the man dating your ex-girlfriend… I WILL NEVER GET OVER THIS HOLLYWOOD TWIST. 


Ieri a Venezia è stato il giorno di #JacobElordi ❤️‍🔥 In completo nero @Valentino, con giacca doppiopetto e brogue in vernice, Jacob Elordi è il protagonista del tappeto rosso della sesta serata del Festival del Cinema di Venezia. L’attore di Euphoria è sbarcato in Laguna per la presentazione del suo nuovo film Priscilla, diretto da Sofia Coppola. Il biopic, tratto dall’autobiografia letteraria della moglie di Elvis Presley, racconta la relazione amorosa tra Priscilla Ann Wagner Beaulieu e il re del Rock and Roll, interpretato nella pellicola proprio da Jacob. Il film esordirà nelle sale americane a ottobre, mentre la data d’uscita italiana non è ancora stata confermata. Per ora godiamoci il red carpet di Jacob 😎 #jacobelordiedit #jacobelordieuphoria #festivaldelcinemadivenezia #venezia80 #cinematok


Bradley Cooper’s Maestro also received a seven-minute ovation in Venice. He wasn’t there, of course, in solidarity with the unions, but the reviews are doing a lot of the work for him. Maestro is on track for Oscar nominations and could very well challenge Martin Scorsese’s Killers of the Flower Moon. 


Without Bradley though, the film was repped by Leonard Bernstein’s family, and look at how adorable they are. 


#fyp Leonard Bernstein's kids pay homage to their father at the #Maestro première in Venice #Venezia80

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And finally, let’s end this way the I always end it when I’m temping here – with a BTS member. V’s album comes out this Friday. He shared a video from dance rehearsal today, grooving to SZA. V is a great dancer, he just happens to be in a band with several other excellent dancers (including a world class dancer in j-hope) so he isn’t usually placed in the center for choreography when he’s with BTS. It’s a fresh look, seeing him in the middle and dropping so much swagger.