Sam Taylor-Johnson calls her husband chav and I can’t disagree. Lainey is going to get so mad at me but when I was scrolling through I didn’t even know it was Aaron. I thought it was Maksim Chmerkovskiy from Dancing with the Stars. I’ve included a photo of him for comparison.


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I’m obsessed with skin care, but I don’t like home remedies. They don’t work for me, probably because I don’t mix them properly. I can’t bake so it stands to reason that I would f-ck up an avocado and oatmeal mask. But Lucy Hale posted an Instagram story saying she uses frozen Redbull to calm breakouts. How? Is it just the can she uses? Does it have to be a Redbull can? I need more details. 


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Denise Richards is engaged to Aaron Phypers. Aaron was once married to Nicolette Sheridan. Nicolette was once married to Harry Hamlin. Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin have now been married for 21 years. Denise and Lisa are starring together on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. If you are a reality TV snob tell me – are you not even a little bit tempted by this information?


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Hilary Swank’s clothing line is doing a collaboration with Nordstrom. “Finally chic clothing for women who don’t want to sacrifice luxury for comfort.” What does that even mean? I do not understand this line of branding. People with money to spend on luxury items do not have to sacrifice quality or comfort, quite the opposite. But maybe telling them that this is especially for them, these poor (not literally) people who have wanted to spend a lot of money on athleisure and have had no where to turn to. Finally, a reprieve from the nightmare of $90 yoga pants.  


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Jonah Hill switches up his look all the time. But he always kind of looks the same. He’s not like Christian Bale, who I don’t recognize half the time. I think it’s because his face is so distinct, it never quite changes no matter what he does. 


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I like how Alfonso Ribeiro is barely tolerating Will’s enthusiasm. 


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