Tom Brady, who made a massive and disastrous investment in the FTX stock, is now an advisor to Delta Airlines. Um, what? Air travel is a sh-tshow and I have no idea how or why Tom can contribute to fixing it. People stuck on tarmacs or sleeping on airport floors do not care about Tom Brady. I just can’t imagine what he could contribute to a federally regulated business like this. Also, we know he flies private. (But if he gets them to make the seats bigger, he could be a hero.)


Lainey has covered a lot of the celebrities at the Beyoncé Birthday Event. You know who wasn’t there? Gwyneth Paltrow. These two used to be tight (you can deny it, but it’s true!) and B was there when GP was trying to become a singer and Blue Ivy had sleepovers with Apple. Gwyneth was at the Super Bowl with Coldplay and holding Blue in her lap, Beyoncé used to stay at her house in LA before the Carters had a pad of their own. There were dinners and vacations. We also know that Beyoncé is extremely selective with what she lets us see and Gwyneth is very discreet, so this could be a case of nothing to see here. But…Gwyneth hasn’t been seen in B’s vicinity in a long time, going back to the twins’ baby shower. And she hasn’t attended a show yet. 


The question I ask about Drake weekly: why is he like this? LOL. 


Michael Rubin’s White Party yielded a fair bit of gossip this year. But generally, billionaires are a flop. They are not Iron Man. Michael Rubin is trying to be The Fun Billionaire?