Miley Cyrus is doing a TikTok series to promote "Used To Be Young" and it’s a very smart way to get clips out that are ready to be posted on media outlets – these are ready to go viral. Of course the one grabbing attention is about Liam Hemsworth and the end of their marriage. 


It reminds me a bit of Katy Perry’s marriage ending just as she was about to go on stage and she did it. She performed. So did Miley. The pushed themselves up that hill.


Used To Be Young (Series) - PART 37

♬ Used To Be Young - Miley Cyrus

Nelson Peltz has settled his lawsuit with Brooklyn and Nicola’s third, short-lived wedding planners at Plan Design Events. If you recall, Nicola’s billionaire dad Nelson sued them for breach of contract and the wedding planners countersued. What came out was embarrassing for the Peltzes: Nicola and her mother came off disorganized and spoiled and Nelson seemed like a bully. The Beckhams on the other hand? Organized and polite. The settlement story was buried at PEOPLE but basically no party got anything from the other and the wedding planners agreed to make a donation to a charity (amount not specified) and the parties released a joint statement. This is not a win for the Peltz-Beckhams because of all of the negative publicity. Nelson Peltz could have kept them tied up in court forever with his resources but he instead dropped it because in the court of public opinion, it’s a loss. He backed down and I’m sure an old billionaire isn’t used to backing down. On another note, after a public ceasefire, Nicola and Brooklyn haven’t joined the Beckhams at major events this summer, including the launch of Messi in Miami and Romeo and Cruz’s birthdays. 


Professional thirst trapper (and singer) Charlie Puth is engaged. 


Diddy and Mary J. Blige working it out in the studio – do you see how Diddy switches the energy up and she’s like “I know your tricks, Diddy!” They are like siblings. 


With the Joe Jonas/Sophie Turner breakup making headlines, Ethan Slater and Ariana Grande are doing a temperature check. There was a vague story a week or so back that “their relationship is not what it seems.” That’s a losing PR battle – they will never convince people there was no affair. It’s better to just move on than dwell on it or try to change the narrative. First step is to make his social media private again (yes, she has hit the like button). There’s still some protection with the restricted comments. Open those up and I’m guessing the general sentiment would still be pretty harsh. But they have to start somewhere considering they have a huge movie to promote in the near future.