Gwyneth’s first goop magazine cover is here. (Will it be like O Magazine and feature one cover star for every issue?) There’s no interpretation needed for this as it is exactly goop’s wheelhouse – luxury wellness. It’s very rich looking, literally. The “Earth to Gwyneth” could be a play on words too, another dig at her haters. As usual, she looks amazing but I do have one issue with the art direction. Why is she wearing bikini bottoms? It doesn’t look like she has a top on, so why not wear something with less noticeable lines on the bottom for a cleaner look?

You may have heard how Taylor Swift’s frequent collaborator, Joseph Kahn, gave an interview and said he believes Beyoncé copied Taylor’s Bad Blood. He has been on Twitter for a couple of days stirring sh-t up because he has a movie showing at TIFF – so the gist is that he’s joking to drum up publicity for himself. There are two things I’ve noticed he does when he desperately needs attention: throw himself in front of Taylor like the world’s thirstiest shield (Wildest Dreams, the Day of Receipts) and pokes at POC and young women.

If I even hear a radio commercial for It, I change the station. I’m a chickensh-t.

I don’t watch Big Brother but I was mildly interested in Celebrity Big Brother… until I saw the cast list. I don’t recognize half of these names.

Um how do they afford the Four Seasons?


#selfielife in @fspuntamita #familyvacation #canwemovehere?

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Very into Busy Philipps and Colin Hanks dorm room looks circa 1998.

Demi looks really god, really healthy. And that’s a nice transitional dress – not too summery, not too heavy.


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This is peak White Ladies Who Always Have a Vase of Fresh Flowers in the House.