The Sacklers are the dirtiest name in society, and it’s interesting that they would offer Courtney Love money to attend a fashion show. Courtney is one of the only celebrities who truly doesn’t give a f-ck about playing nice and she already has a front row seat at any show she wants in New York (and Paris) because real designers love her. But some people can’t pass up $100,000 for an afternoon of work; Suki Waterhouse and Carine Roitfeld’s daughter Julia are both reportedly attending. 


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Rob Lowe’s sons (who regularly tease their dad in the comments) hate Soda and Pony and they are wrong. Great names for dogs and humans. 


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Jennifer Lopez for the Super Bowl halftime show is pretty much a lock at this point. Oscar nominations will be announced January 13, 2020, the Super Bowl is on February 2, 2020 and the Oscars are on February 9, 2020. Considering that early reviews for Hustlers are predicting a nomination for her, she is going to have an insane couple of months. She hustles hard and shows up for every single project, so I can’t even imagine what Jennifer Lopez, Oscar nominee looks like. It will be total domination.


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Based on this performance, TikTok videos should be eligible for Oscars.

Diplo x Elton is camp. 


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Let the energy of this photo get you through the rest of Monday, along with the fact that Daniel Dae Kim is 51 and Sandra Oh is 48. They look like they are in college.


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 The Rock is about positivity and gratitude 99% of the time. The other 1% of the time he can’t resist calling out a “clown” on his Instagram. The Fast & Furious men are so petty, it’s kind of great. 


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David Beckham spent the better part of the weekend building the Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle. It has over 6,000 pieces. Victoria was tracking his progress on stories but I haven’t seen an update since he had 10 bags left (out of 37). I’m OK at building Lego, but I lose steam at around 500 parts (which makes me a building rookie, I know) because my neck gets sore. A set this complicated should come with a massage therapy gift certificate.