I’m back! Not new and not improved for 2022! Let’s just get right into it. Mark Ruffalo posted a photo of his children’s impressive hair and it got me thinking that Mark has a very full mane himself. His hair is curly, thick, and he usually wears it on the longer side. It’s shaggy. I mean that as a compliment. Now that I look, I think it’s an underrated head of hair.


I’m thoroughly enjoying the latest season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, particularly the Maria Sofia character played by Keyla Monterroso Mejia. She makes me scream with laughter because every choice she makes is so wrong (which is of course the entire point). How anyone is able to keep a straight face in those scenes is beyond me, especially when she switches up her accents mid-sentence. She’s a new comedy star and so far, the only profiles I’ve seen on her are from Page Six and The Wrap. Vulture should do a story on her! (And if you like her cardigan as much as I do, it’s still available at Target.)


Minka Kelly and Trevor Noah have been spotted all over DeuxMoi so it’s no surprise they are back together and making it re-official on Instagram. Very good looking people. 

Who is watching And Just Like That…? It’s completely and utterly bonkers, right? Like I don’t even want to call it bad, because that’s not the right word. It’s confounding. There are elements I really like: Carrie is still selfish and dismissive but it seems more pointed now, she doesn’t even pretend to be mildly interested in her former career now that she’s rich, and the ghost of Samantha looms large. Charlotte’s life as a tightly wound Stepford Wife (without the Stepford husband) works. Even Miranda’s personal crisis makes sense as the ambitious woman pushed into a stereotypical gender role only to buck against it in her 50s. But the execution of those ideas is less a TV show than a series of “WTF did I just watch” scenes. And the shoehorning in of WOC to help the Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte grow and teach them lessons about life and love… hmmmmm. 


Like Lainey, I fully approve of Kanye West and Julia Fox because Julia is a hot bitch who is ready for stardom! She wants to be famous! She’s not out here complaining about it! It’s a very marked difference from the modern movie stars who show zero personality on social media and keep things private, but she’s also not giving us thousands of hours of footage of her life for reality TV. You need both kinds of celebrity to make things fun and in her, we might have it. 


If you follow John Mayer, you know that he and Bob Saget were very, very close friends.