The nepo baby conversation is already going off the rails and Tom Hanks is on his second set of comments (via Entertainment Tonight in PEOPLE). Look, I see what he’s saying about it being a “family business” and I also agree that it takes luck (and sometimes that luck is the family name) and no matter who the parents are, if the kid doesn’t have it, the kid does not have it. 


Colin Hanks is no slouch but he is not A-list. Kate Hudson is A-list but Oliver Hudson is not. It’s not like the fame and talent is directly transferred from parent to child. In fact, my theory (that I just came up with) is that the adult children of current A-list parents like Tom and Denzel Washington will have a harder time achieving the success of their parents because they (Tom and Denzel) are part of the last cohort of tried-and-true movie stars. The family business model has changed. 


There’s a Girls rewatch and reappreciation happening in a corner of Twitter. If we thought the nepo baby discourse was bad, another round of Girls discourse will kill us. 


If you had a Christmas tree, is it still up or on the curb or long gone? Busy Philipps is pushing the limit with hers but I can see her dilemma because it was probably bundled when she brought it in and now can’t get it out. 


Taylor Sheridan is dominating American television right now. I just finished Tulsa King and it’s a little different on the production side as it is show-run by Terrence Winter, who also wrote several episodes. (Winter wrote The Wolf of Wall Street and was the creator of Boardwalk Empire as well as the co-creator of Vinyl.) So there are two big styles coming together here. It hits a lot of the typical Sheridan character traits– a patriarch with a strong moral code who constantly breaks the law for the greater good, a sassy grown-up daughter, a loyal right-hand man and a rag-team of amateur mercenaries who turn out to be highly skilled in a broad range of illegal activities. The gang’s all here. Sylvester Stallone is the mobster-with-a-heart-of-gold who discovers “real America” and horses. What is most interesting to me is Garrett Hedlund, whose career never quite took off the way it seemed like it was supposed to, has a recurring role. So far, he doesn’t have much to do but I think that will change.


These two have fallen into friendship fast and hard. As Lainey has said about romantic couples (like Pete and Ariana), Fast flames flame out fast.™ Fast flames aren’t meant to last.™ This can apply to friendships too, the courtship and the breakup can be just as exhilarating and painful as a romantic relationship.