Since Justin Timberlake is encroaching on his Blue Steel Stetson Man vibe, John Mayer is upping his pioneer cred with a new project: he will be responding to correspondence, but only if it is typed on a typewriter. He calls it a “return to naturalism”. I’m not sure if he meant the dictionary version of naturalism), because that doesn’t seem like the right word. And what makes a typewriter more natural than a keyboard, the lack of electricity? (I know some typewriters use electricity, but I’m guessing not the ones John favours.) Or is it typing a “return to naturalism” because it pre-dates computers? By this logic, wouldn’t handwriting be more natural than any kind of typing?


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A couple of days ago, it was announced that Lena Dunham and Jack Antonoff broke up (for more on the timing of the confirmation, click here). Yesterday, US Weekly reported that Jack is seeing someone else, a musician. 


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Did you see Connie Britton’s “Poverty is Sexist” sweater at the Globes? Some people are upset that it costs $380. Still cheaper than Dior’s $710 “We Should All Be Feminists” t-shirt.

A teaser for Taylor Swift’s End Game has been released, with the full video to follow at midnight. Then there will be a flood of “25 Easter Eggs Hidden in Taylor Swift’s New Video” stories and really is anything hidden in a Taylor Swift video? The symbolism is quite obvious.


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Every time I point out how amazing Jennifer Lopez’s skin is, someone writes in or Tweets me that it’s lightening/makeup/filters. They refuse to accept the glow.


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Idris Elba hosted a Sweet 16 party for his daughter. He did not show up on a motorcycle just as it was starting


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Leslie Jones would like more time to process her anger before bed, is that too much to ask?

Chrissy Teigen made fun of Sophia the Robot’s makeup. Sophia the Robot remembers. 


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