This morning, Lainey wrote about Satchel and Jackson Lee, who will be the ambassadors at the Golden Globes. The Globes are my favourite awards show because they are free-wheeling and include TV and film, plus the drinking. It loosens people up (or in a room full of actors, gives them permission to act like they are looser, you know?). I even love the tradition of using famous people’s children to give out awards, a nod to the “family business” aspect so many of them benefit from (while pretending not to benefit from it). If you look back, the list is long: Dakota Johnson in 2006 and her mom Melanie Griffith in 1975. Laura Dern in 1982, Freddie Prinze Jr. in 1996, Rumer Willis in 2009 – it’s like a time capsule. And I wonder if this is a job that people campaign for – like do the parents ask or does the Hollywood Foreign Press Association come up with a list of names and go from there? Pictured: Miss Golden Globes 2013, Francesca Eastwood.


Jennifer Meyer’s eponymous jewellery line was covered in Forbes this week in a story that focused on smaller businesses pivoting during COVID. It’s a worthy topic but there’s not one mention that her dad is former Hollywood power player Ron Meyer and she launched this while she was married to Toby Maguire. “I started my company with no previous experience in jewelry, or business for that matter! I pounded the pavement, learned as I went, and I feel so lucky to have received mentorship from some truly remarkable people.” She also talks about using social media as a main tool of selling but one huge advantage she has is that her celebrity friends (like Jennifer Aniston, whom she covered an issue of The Hollywood Reporter with), Courteney Cox and Kate Hudson have worn her pieces since day one, before she had any accounts. Not to mention her relationships with A-list stylists, who can connect you to opportunities in film, magazines and red carpets. Getting a celebrity to wear your product is usually a huge milestone for a small brand and that’s not even touched upon here. Ultimately the product has to be made well and sell, but she started miles ahead of a regular entrepreneur. Ignoring that is not very different from a Kardashian calling herself “self-made.” 


“We’re not regular parents, we’re cool parents.”

With SATC a go at HBO Max, Entourage can’t be far behind, right? Some of the guys have a podcast together and scheduling wouldn’t, um, be a problem. I’m sure this conversation is happening. Can you imagine the inane storylines they are coming up with? Arie invests in Quibi! Vince agrees to shoot a movie on Mars with Elon Musk (who will for sure cameo)! Johnny Drama wants to play Tiger King! Turtle gets into a feud with Logan Paul!


Speaking of reboots, the SATC tweets have been top notch.  

It seems like every second day there’s a headline about James Van Der Beek and his large family moving to Texas – is there an upcoming HGTV show behind this? 


This is a baby announcement but I’m more focused on what Emma Roberts is wearing. The orange dress with the orange shoes – it works. It feels fresh and dressed up and I like that the dress and shoes are not exactly matched in tone. I think mixing shades of the same colour (like turquoise on cobalt or plum on lavender) will be big for spring. Or maybe spring 2022 by the way things are looking.