Amanda Seyfried won a Critics' Choice Award last night in a gold Dior dress, which she told Access Hollywood was falling apart. Are the Dior people upset today or is this on her stylist? She mentioned in the interview that it's vintage but Amanda is a big star – they would modify it for her. Who dropped the ball here?




Have you heard of the film To Leslie? I had not until a few days ago, when a lot of prominent stars (like Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sarah Paulson and Edward Norton) starting hyping it, just in time for Oscar nominations. Campaigning is an ambitious, coordinated act and usually when actors stump for each other, it’s because there’s a relationship. But To Leslie is different because it’s an indie film and not expected Oscar bait, which is precisely what some people are rallying around. Sarah Paulson told THR: “Movies like this, made for little money, that are this powerful and true, should be given the same attention and consideration as those that have huge studios and therefore budgets behind them. Anything I could do to help bring eyes to it would mean I was doing something for all of us as actors and moviegoers.” The article also talks about the character-driven piece and the subtext seems to be more about the survival of small films versus the Marvels of the industry. 


BIG Oasis news as Noel Gallagher and his wife Sara MacDonald are divorcing after 22 years together. First off, this is a lifetime in rock and roll and they seemed to be pretty solid, so this is a surprise. (Some UK tabloids are pinning it on a wild weekend he had at Glastonbury.) Second, Sara has been no fan of Liam and while many think that this signals the beginning of a new Oasis era, um, do you know the Gallagher brothers? No woman could come between them. Their fight is internal. Liam went straight to Twitter with his petty. 


Keep your hands off of Colin Farrell’s Crunchy Nut or he will tell everyone about it. 


There’s a lot of conjecture about Miley Cyrus’s “Flowers” but here is what we know: it was released on Liam Hemsworth’s birthday. But the song style (some say “Flowers” mirrors Bruno Mars's “If I Was Your Man” which Liam had once dedicated to her) and video being filmed in a house that Liam used as a secret cheating pad with 14 partners? I haven’t seen a source beyond Twitter. It would make a great pop culture legend if true. That said, it’s a very specific number and Miley has probably seen the chatter – she could debunk it if she wanted to.