Yesterday I wrote about Jennifer Garner’s Pretend Cooking Show. She made English muffins, and I referred to them as biscuits, and Lainey included her biscuit recipe, and many people emailed and tweeted to tell me there’s a big difference between the two. I suck at baking so I will defer to any guidance I get, but can I still say her recipe seems complicated? Pies seem like a lot of work too -- Amy Schumer is making two for a bake-off. She asks her cameraperson (who, judging by the quality of this video, is working with a mid-90s camcorder), to pan the empty room to prove “Chris isn’t here.” So she’s still dating chef Chris Fischer. 


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Chris Pratt has returned to Instagram with “What’s My Snack.” Maybe Jennifer could bring him some of her English muffins. It’s almost a little too perfect.


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Bridget Everett’s show, I Love You More didn’t get picked up at Amazon. That’s a shame. 


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It’s the Dylan/Dermot face-off. Or if you prefer, McDermott/Mulroney. 


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I really like Sarah Jessica Parker as an actress and in interviews she always seems thoughtful and kind. The only thing that has ever really made me question her judgement is why, after Sex and the City 2, she would want to continue this franchise. Because I genuinely don’t think it’s about the money. But it can’t possibly be about the storytelling, either. 


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Yesterday was Kate Moss’s birthday and a lot of supermodels and designers paid tribute on social media. Kate rarely gives interviews, which is maybe why this quote from 2012 has stuck with me: “The last time I saw Christy, she was wearing a twin-set,” Ms. Moss said. “You can think twin-set, but you can’t wear one.”


Back in November, Stacy London blocked Clinton Kelly, her one-time co-host of What Not to Wear. He made sure to let everyone know she blocked him. Now, she’s Namaste-ing her social media and unblocking people. If this is a viral marketing campaign for a reboot of What Not to Wear, it’s working. 


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Millie Bobby Brown apparently has a boyfriend and she is making it kind of Insta official. For this generation, I guess this is the equivalent of holding hands on the way to math class. But you would think her team would know enough to shut off her comments. This little Jacob has a lot of fans, too.


I’ve been meaning to watch Movie Night with Karlie Kloss, just because I’m curious about her on-camera presence. It will be interesting to see if Taylor makes an appearance. To keep her reputation theme going, they can watch Snakes on a Plane. 


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The lonely billionaire and Amber Heard are reportedly back together


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