Lady Gaga’s team helped Garth Brooks with his glam and I’m obsessed with this. Was he wearing her line, Haus Laboratories? If you don’t think Garth Brooks knows his way around a liquid liner than you clearly don’t remember Chris Gaines.


“I mean, it’s one banana, Michael. What could it cost? $10?” If you spend any time on Twitter you’ve seen this meme from Arrested Development. Mel Magazine has an oral history of the joke and how it came to be and Jessica Walters’s pitch-perfect delivery (everything she does is pitch-perfect). At the time the show aired, corporate malfeasance (like Enron) was making headlines but the core of the joke – rich people don’t know how much things cost – came in part from a TV executive who thought a loaf of bread cost $20. (This joke still plays in different ways. If you watch Succession, it’s Logan Roy who angrily asks his executive how much a gallon of milk costs. The fact that they don’t know enrages him endlessly.)

OK Jane Krakowski clarified again that she has not ever been in a relationship with the MyPillow guy. A big swing and a miss from the Daily Mail? Lindell (Pillow guy) said he’s going after the Daily Mail and Jane Krakowski followed up her initial denial with, “Jane has never met Mr. Lindell. She is not and has never been in any relationship with him, romantic or otherwise. She is, however, in full-fledged fantasy relationships with Brad Pitt, Regé-Jean Page, and Kermit the Frog and welcomes any and all coverage on those.”


You know how Robert Pattinson is a certified weirdo and purposefully lies to reporters about going to the circus and seeing a clown car explode? Dakota Johnson is bringing that energy to 2021. She lied about loving limes, which she said she loved in her Architectural Digest shoot. Now it turns out she’s allergic. What is the truth, Dakota?


Yesterday HBO dropped the trailer for Fake Famous and it looks very interesting. I do wonder if it focuses on Instagram though, as TikTok is even more important to young people on social media. Instagram is turning into an under-25 ghost town. 


I know the Bernie memes need to stop but please, one more. For the mayor of Flavortown.

Thank f-ck indeed.