I don’t watch Emily in Paris but I used to love reading the tweets about it. Where will everyone go to hate watch it now? 


Ugh do I need to get Threads?


There’s too much TV, we all know it. There should be a longer window to recommend a “new” show. We need some breathing room. If a show has come out within the last year, it’s new enough for a recommendation. I just made this rule up because I feel like no one talked about Based On a True Story. Selfishly, I just finished it and want to recommend it because it’s punchy! It’s a great send-up of true-crime podcast culture in which murders are treated like a sport. Chris Messina is solid as a washed-up athlete and Kaley Cuoco does frazzled-woman-who-gets-shit-done really well. Yes, I had to go back to June to find this photo. 


Now I want to talk about two cancelations because they are both related to Keegan-Michael Key and they are both kind of bullshit. Schmigadoon! was recently cancelled and while I haven’t seen it, many people did and are very disappointed. Reboot was canceled in 2023 and I was peeved about that – it only had one season and it was a great concept. Plus, Rachel Bloom!!!!! Keegan-Michael Key was on both of these shows and clearly, he knows high-quality comedy projects. And this man works a lot. 


Dwayne Johnson has joined the WWE/UFC board of directors. Through this deal, he has acquired the rights to the name The Rock, which has endless licensing opportunities. This is huge. There’s also a lot of ways to tie in his other businesses – Under Armour already has a deal with UFC. Now he can make Zoa the official drink and promote his football team more. When I first read the headline, my first thought was why would anyone want to get into bed with the McMahon family, who are kind of a mess. But the WWE has expanded beyond them. Per the ESPN article, he is long-time friends with WWE’s current president Nick Kahn and Nick’s sister Nahnatchka Khan is a creator and producer on Young Rock. The connections are all there. 


Pitchfork was folded into GQ last week and this week there’s news of Sports Illustrated going through a round of massive layoffs. Also, Conde Nast is staging a walk out today, citing (amongst other things) regressive bargaining. 


Did you know Niecy Nash, Danielle Brooks and Sterling K. Brown are related? I did not know that! And Niecy is a skilled hair stylist? I didn’t know that, either! (Her daughter, Donielle Mikel Nash, was also on Never Have I Ever and Sex Lives of College Girls.)