Lourdes Leon has deigned to join us on Instagram. I’m thrilled and not sure it will last very long. She will get bored of us soon. She already has comments limited and doesn’t follow anyone. 


Why didn’t “Nuns don’t work on Sunday” become a national catchphrase? I’ve decided that it will be added to the repertoire alongside “something in the milk ain’t clean.” 

He’s right – this is entirely too much leather for Miami. He was around 20 or 21 when this happened and yes, old enough to know better and with all the money in the world. But there’s also something so broken about child stars and that’s why the pattern is repeated over and over and over. A huge success and fandom followed by a rocky transition to “adulthood” and all the backlash and bad decisions (oftentimes substance abuse, acting out in public, arrests, turmoil, rehab). They are usually enabled by the adults in the room and because they become mini corporations responsible for the livelihood of dozens of people, pressured to work through it. Right now there’s a whole crop of TikTok stars who are in their late teens and riding very high. Do they know what happens after you reach the top of the rollercoaster? 


Anna Faris has Elizabeth Berkley on her podcast and I want to listen to it because her career was so derailed by Showgirls, which is a cult classic now. And oh my goodness, I hope Leo DiCaprio and the Pussy Posse comes up. In the early aughts, he met her at a movie premiere and she turned him down – he then allegedly ordered his friends to beat up her boyfriend. Even EW (which is firmly pro-celeb) covered it at the time.

OnlyFans is the new Cameo. 


Olivia Wilde, highly unbothered, using social media like she always has. And she limited comments, which is such a useful tool in this kind of situation.

Earlier this month, I wondered if Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz were starting to cool but no, they are fine. He even got a tattoo of a letter she wrote him under the tattoo of her eyes on his neck. Our site manager Emily sent this to me last night and wrote, “That’s a choice.” It is, indeed, a choice. Do you think these are their official engagement photos?


I know there have been like 100 breaking stories since this, but Hallie Meyers-Shyer is back to having a public Instagram (for a refresher on the late 2020 scandal, click here and here). She left up the post about Vulture. She is not taking the L. And if you were wondering which celebrities were all “you go, girl!”, most of those comments are still up too.