This Emma Roberts video is all about eyebrows and I’ve never noticed before but she does have a very strong brow. She goes for a “natural” look and she has a little brush and eyebrow wax. 


Julia Fox gave a tour of her apartment and as she said, fully expects to get roasted. I think she has a great New York apartment and people who love cities will take this over a large suburban house, which is probably equivalent in cost. The space she does have, she gives up to her son (she converted her living room into a bedroom so he could have a playroom). The other thing to note is that obviously the apartment looks lived-in and we usually don’t get to see this version of a famous person’s space. Social media accounts like The Home Edit and the AD home tours and the Vogue bathroom tutorials have skewed expectations because we are constantly fed photos of highly stylized homes. This is like the “no makeup” look, but of her bedroom.


Come with me on a very underwhelming apartment tour! also to clarify I have only ONE mouse and he’s cute 🥰

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John Legend and Chrissy Teigen’s baby is very new and babies change so fast at that age but right now, doesn’t she look just like John? Very very cute. 

GQ Hype’s headline pretty much nails it. I really don’t!


As Lainey wrote this morning, Gerard Pique went Instagram official with his girlfriend and I need translation on the comments, ASAP. I don’t think her fans will outweigh his because sports fans are just as passionate as pop music fans, but I think it’s a fair battle. Some fandoms have an emoji, like the Beyhive has the bee. Shakira fans need one and I suggest a strawberry. Because of the jam. 


There’s a lot of press around Shotgun Wedding because of the two Jennifers but it’s also Josh Duhamel’s rom-com regeneration. (And he was cast because Armie Hammer had to drop out, for obvious reasons.)

Mark Ruffalo had hair! All of the hair! 


Scarlett Johansson’s skin care line, which is pretty under the radar, has a new feature in goop (is it lower case or upper case? I never f-cking know because they aren’t consistent with it). The line is now available at goop so this is all part of the hustle, especially for A-listers, who are typically not as accessible as influencers. If they want their products sold, they have to show up and share things, like their morning routine. It’s only marketing that sets them apart from the dozens of other brands on the shelf.