Pedro Pascal and Sarah Catharine Paulson are my Ben and Matt. 


Megyn Kelly went after Erin Moriarty’s face during a segment on Megyn’s show (side note: she still has a show?). Erin has left Instagram and you can read her full statement below. Megyn is a Noted Asshole, it’s her job to provoke reactions like this because she needs outrage for relevance. Here’s how it would have happened behind the scenes: a staffer (likely a producer) would have pitched this story and it would have been discussed in a meeting. They would have looked at tweets, Instagram comments and maybe some Reddit threads and picked out the meanest comments. Then they pulled the most unflattering photos for comparison. This chatter was already out there about Erin (I saw it before Megyn’s statement) and Megyn isn’t even smart in her misogyny, she’s simply amplifying a few anonymous social media users. Not an original thought to be found. It’s downright lazy.


Do we have another great celebrity fibber on our hands? Dakota Johnson is allergic to limes (or IS she?) and Robert Pattinson has told too many to count and now – Sydney Sweeney?! A TikTokker who worked as a guide at Universal Studios is questioning whether or not Sydney was a guide there (something she said in an interview once but has never elaborated on). Now the scrutiny is growing and there’s a question about whether or not Sydney actually speaks Russian. Maybe she was bored in an interview or maybe she was nervous so she spoke without thinking. They are actors, a little flair should be expected. It’s not like she lied about rescuing puppies from an orphanage. This is relatively low stakes and pretty funny. 


I kind of like her more now actually. It’s very “the dog ate my homework.” A little rascally. 

Speaking of low-stakes fibs, do I think a publicist actually sent this list to Charli XCX? No, but she got as much publicity for posting this fake list as she would for actually doing one of the tasks. It’s meta.


The Beckhams are going to the Super Bowl and this a great way to roll out the ad. It works much better on social media than it would on TV because this is where it went viral. (Also, the Uber Eats marketing budget is like movie studio level, wow.)

Kathleen posted this Reel and I’m snagging it – Ryan Ken verbalizes exactly what is wrong with stan culture and how it’s actually bad for art! It’s bad for the artist and it’s bad for the audience. They talk about the “distraction economy” in a really smart way too, how an overattachment becomes an identity. Watch through to the end, they make so many great points. 


Lori Harvey looks spectacular. Jacek just got a new screensaver.