Lea Michele has worked with popular stylists Estee Stanley and Brad Goreski and is now with Brian Meller and I think their relationship has been really fruitful. The cuts are interesting and sophisticated and this is the freshest she’s ever looked. It also coincides with a big win in her career for Funny Girl. Fashion isn’t everything but it does complement the work. Another sign that the fashion is next-level is the comments: a lot of her fans hate it. When you lose the approval of the same people who love a blush pink strapless tulle ballgown, it’s a good sign. 


Reboot has been cancelled at Hulu. RUDE! (It plays on Disney+ in Canada.) With this cast and Steve Levitan (who is behind many long-running sitcoms), it’s hard to see why another streamer wouldn’t pick it up. Judy Greer! Johnny Knoxville! Keegan Michael-Key! It’s a bit ridiculous to let this die. And Reboot getting saved by another streamer would be a great meta storyline. 


The Beckhams played a big part in Marc Anthony’s fourth wedding and are very close with the newlyweds. It does not appear that Marc and Jennifer Lopez’s children attended the wedding but at least two of the Beckham kids did (Harper and Cruz). The twins are 14, Harper is 11 and Cruz is 17 so there’s a range but they are in the same tween/teen universe. Do the kids know each other? The Beckhams are ALL about the family unit so I wonder how the conversation around that happens. 


Ed Sheeran, like Shawn Mendes, Harry Styles, Tom Holland and Selena Gomez, has taken long breaks from social media. That seems like healthy behaviour because social media can be overwhelming to a regular person, so imagine having hundreds of thousands of people commenting on every detail of your photo. Ed talks about a turbulent time in his personal life that has calmed down so he will be posting more. His honesty is nice but unfortunately, that kind of candidness can backfire when seedy little parts of fandoms turn against an artist they supposedly “stan” because some fans feel a gross sense of entitlement. He’s private and for his own sake should just be private and not feel guilty about it, which it seems he kind of does?


OK, it’s Rachel Handler (who led the fantastic Nancy Meyers Week at Vulture) on the JLo Wedding Industrial Complex. A must-read now and a keeper for the archives. (You know what this made me realize about Jennifer Lopez? She’s the opposite of the cliché “always a bridesmaid and never a bride.” She is, in fact, always a bride!)