We need a moratorium on the word gaslighting on social media. Halle Bailey not speaking publicly about her pregnancy is not gaslighting!!!! 


The Julia Roberts/Jack Harlow pairing is the meme of the week. 


Onto another Jack, whose star is steadily rising. Not a super hot rise like Noah Centino or Jeremy Allen White but he has what they don’t – the pedigree of two famous parents. He’s not in a rush.


Taylor is going to the Super Bowl and Lainey wrote about the possibility of cutaways taking away from Usher’s halftime performance. I’m really looking forward to Usher and was kicking myself for not making it to Vegas to see him. But there’s another angle here on the business side. Usher is very tight with Scotter Braun (personally and professionally), and it’s likely Scooter will be at the game as well. He often attends these big events. It’s a big stadium and spectacle, they’ll be a lot going on. But if you are a superstitious person and your boyfriend is playing in the biggest game ever, would you want your #1 enemy there watching? It’s not like Taylor can control who attends the Super Bowl and there’s zero chance of her running into anyone she wants to avoid, but I’m curious if there’s a discussion behind the scenes.


There’s a million podcasts and a million and one reality TV podcasts but one has risen to the top: Nick Viall from The Bachelorette. This piece in Vulture is so great. 

Kate Hudson is going all-in as a musician, saying she’s writing her own music and will go on tour. This Vulture review goes beyond goes beyond the single and examines what we want (what we really really want) from our blonde nepo babies who dabble in a bit of everything


Have you noticed a bunch of weird game commercials starring big celebrities? I swear these are the new crypto ads. These videos are so weird but obviously this company has budget!