Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo bought Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s house (technically it’s 3 houses on 3.1 acres). I wonder how they will redecorate Ben’s guest cottage. Will they have a smudging ceremony? 


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Mark Wahlberg acknowledged Jenny McCarthy’s existence! What is going on? Was this a personal favour for Donny? 


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Almost all of my shirts are striped but I have a system: I like a white base with stripes overtop, not a color base with white stripes. So Kaley wins this for me. This might be The Big Bang Theory’s final season, which everyone seems kind of OK with. Jim Parsons is leaving. They have made SO MUCH money, like boatloads of money. That’s the most interesting part of the show -- they not only negotiated for the core cast but they also took a voluntary pay-cut for their co-workers who joined the show later on


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Taylor Swift’s app, Swift Life, is folding. This is keeping with the downtrend in celebrity apps: the Kardashians shut down their collection, and at one point Kim in particular was celebrated on the cover of Forbes for being a Mobile Mogul. And remember the kerfuffle with the Rennerinos? There are a lot of holes in the business model for celebrity apps because they cater to the fandom community and that can quickly devolve into nonsense (Taylor’s app had issues with racist and homophobic posts from users). Second, with the prevalence of social media, exclusivity is not the currency it once was. (Part of why Beyoncé is so brilliant is because she has supplanted the experience of exclusivity with the feeling of surprise – when an album drops, stans and casual fans alike feel blessed.) Third, apps are just hella expensive and a pain in the ass to run, and no one wants to waste marketing dollars on something that isn’t getting traction. Lastly, the expectation of fans can be overwhelming. Many of the complaints I saw were about how Taylor didn’t interact enough. Is that a realistic expectation on an app – that Taylor would jump into the comment fray?


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