Lil Nas X is one of the few celebrities who is still himself on Twitter. That is to say, he’s still the best at it. Apparently, Dave Chappelle namechecks Lil Nas X in his new Netflix special but I haven’t watched it. 


The thing that Dave probably doesn’t see (or can’t acknowledge) is that Lil Nas X is funnier than he is. Dave Chappelle now comments on culture whereas Lil Nas X creates it. So when he says that kids can see the Montero video on BET at 10 am, and that’s the punchline of the joke, well… Lil Nas X is a much funnier storyteller. And it’s not just the artist but the fans: Lil Nas X fans are f-cking hilarious. I’ve been chuckling to myself over these all day.


Like Lil Nas X, Cardi B continues to use her real voice on Twitter. She is also very funny and self-aware. I hope Cardi has a monster 2024, like a Shakira kind of 2024. 


So, she set up a camera in her fridge to do this right? 


Madonna spent New Year’s Eve with her children (flip through to see a shot of her and Lourdes – it’s wild how much she looks like her mom now!) and Stella McCartney. They’ve stayed very close, even after Madonna left the UK. Stella has four children and Madonna has six, and a few of them overlap in age so that’s a good way to plan a vacation: the teens can hang out and not be bothered with their parents. 


Yesterday Lainey wrote about Ryan Gosling’s Kemortality and I agree, he’s one of one. If he does make it to the Oscars, I want to see Eva Mendes there with him. I know they don’t do red carpets or the Met Gala or public appearances, which has worked well for them, but if he is nominated (and I hope he is), this would be a very unique situation that I think warrants a public outing.